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Mint Dental Miami dental cleaning is reputable in South Florida. Our process of dental cleaning starts with our oral exams that starts with X-rays to look for decay, tumors, bone loss and cysts, which also involves tooth position. Dr. Mint Dental Miami then checks for gum disease while also checking for tooth decay. Our expert staff will clean tartar, which can be attached to your teeth for long periods of time. Plaque will then be removed from the surface which can go unnoticed and can be detrimental to your oral health. Mint Dental Miami then tops off your experience with a polish that will have you feeling minty after your cleaning!

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Types of Dental Cleanings we preform:

The prophylactic cleaning known as prophy is exactly what the name implies: a preventive routine dental cleaning. It involves the professional act of removing plaque and light to moderate level of calculus (tartar) to prevent gingivitis aka as gum swelling and bleeding or periodontitis which is the more advanced stage of gum disease where bone loss and pockets take place. It also prevents decay.
Full mouth debridement also consist on removing plaque and calculus but it is given this term when the amount of plaque and calculus is so much that it prevents the doctor from doing an accurate clinical exam. In this case the doctor or hygienist needs to remove all of this tartar before completing the exam and if the bleeding is too much then the exam needs to be completed in another visit. Patients who need this type of cleaning usually only suffer from gingivitis (inflammation of the gum) due to the supra gingival tartar build up.
Scaling and Root planning ( aka : deep cleaning) is indicated for patients with sub gingival tartar build up seen radio graphically ,pockets and with some level of bone loss. It is a cleaning which involves local anesthesia and in some cases antibiotic and which is done some times is more than one visit. It requires as the name suggest removing plaque and tartar from the root of teeth. This will reduce pockets by reducing infection and inflammation and prevents further bone loss and subsequently tooth mobility.
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