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Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is a brand name for clear aligners that act as an alternative to conventional orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth. It is an amazing option for compliant patients. It creates beautiful smiles and corrects bite discrepancies by a series of clear trays. Depending on the complexity of the treatment will be the amount of trays the patient will receive. These trays are changed every 2 weeks by the patient and the dentist will require a follow up visit around four to six weeks.

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How our Invisalign process works:

Most of the time there will be specific indications to the dentist from the company to place “attachments” or perform “IPR”. The “attachments”  are tooth color small buttons protruding from the outside of some teeth done with resin or composite material . These buttons help move teeth more effectively. “IPR” stands for inter-proximal reduction and interproximal means in between the teeth. This is done with a small file or a disk and it creates very small spaces in between highly crowded teeth to allow more space for alignment. The space needed varies depending on the patient’s need. It could be 0.10mm, 0.20, or even 0.50 mm.

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