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At Mint Dental Miami we understand that some may need veneers to improve smiles. The cycle of life makes our teeth change color, shape, and sometimes size. Mint Dental Miami specializes in veneers to correct spaces, cracks, and discoloration. Dr. Sandra’s expertise in veneer procedure has made many of our patients leaving excited about their new smiles. Mint Dental Miami keeps old and new patients coming in repeatedly because of the results we have brought to the South Florida communities. In Miami veneers are a popular way to rejuvenate a smile. Our patients are happy with results to make stronger teeth that help combat chipping and discoloration through veneer procedures. By calling us today, we will better able inform you about our processes and guide you in the right direction to procedures. Call Us Today for a free consultation! (786) 703-4978.

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Types of Veneers we offer:

It is usually a 2 visit process similar to crowns. The teeth are prepared, reduction is more than composite veneers. Impressions are done , the mold is sent to lab for fabrication and temporary veneers are done. They are indicated for bigger esthetic concerns such as deeper stains and bigger morphological defects. These restorations last much longer than composite veneers and are more resistant to stains. The shine of porcelain is what simulates to natural enamel shape the most. They cost significantly more due to lab fee and they cant usually be repaired.
Also known as Smile Designs: It is done chair side, usually requiring only one visit; although sometimes more than one visit is required, specially for occlusal or interproximal adjustments. It is usually done to correct minor esthetic concerns such as a chipped tooth or a small gap. It requires less tooth reduction than the regular porcelain veneer. It will need to be repaired or replaced every now and then as you do with regular fillings. They rarely last as long as porcelain veneers, but they are more economic than porcelain veneers. They are less resistant to stains from coffee, tea or red wine. Anything that stain natural tooth structure (enamel) can stain a composite veneers. How long they last also has to do with how effective is oral hygiene at home and how often professional cleanings are done. Regular touch ups such as polishing and repairs help with their maintenance.
Lumineers are conservative porcelain veneers, which are as thin as a contact lens. The tooth barely has to be prepared, which makes the procedure somewhat reversible is case is needed. They are meant for small imperfections. They are also resistant to stains and similar in cost as conventional porcelain veneers. Contact Mint Dental Miami if your looking for lumineers
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