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Teeth Whitening

Teeth change color for several reasons. Cigarettes can cause staining, which are either brown or yellow due to the chemicals in them. In this case whitening is not enough a dental cleaning is going to remove the brown stain and the whitening will improve the yellow stain. Food and beverages also play an important role in keeping our teeth white.  Dark diet vs a white diet makes a huge difference. Beverage pigments found in for example tea, coffee, red wine and cranberry juice or food pigments found in blue berries, blackberries, etc can stain your enamel, which is the outer layer of your teeth.

An in office or take home whitening will take care of these stains. Another reason teeth change color is through trauma. If a tooth undergoes trauma and the nerve dies it can turn grey or black, in this case a root canal needs to be done and an internal bleaching could be done in the office but the best is a crown to also protect the tooth after the root canal.

Types of Teeth Whitenings we preform:

There are 3 main types of professional whitening: External in office whitening, external take home whitening, and internal bleaching. Internal bleaching is done when the nerve dies. External whitening mainly takes care of food and beverage stains. The internal bleaching is done by the doctor through the root canal treated tooth. Both of the external whitening involve a gel treatment which will remove external staining. The difference is basically in the % of concentration of the gel. The in office is done in 1 visit chair side and you see the result the same day due to the higher concentration, it usually involves 3 sessions and it is monitored by the doctor.  The take home requires the fabrication of trays and the patient doing the treatment at home by applying the gel to these trays for a week or two.

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