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Smile Design

Transform your smile and get that movie star look with your custom Smile Design options.
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Get The Smile You Always Wanted

At Mint Dental Miami we understand that some may need veneers to improve their smile. Over time, teeth may change color, shape, and even size. Mint Dental specializes in providing patients Smile Design services using veneers to correct spaces, cracks, and discoloration. Dr. Dias’ expertise in veneer procedures has made many of our patients excited about their new smiles.
Mint Dental keeps old and new patients coming in repeatedly because of the results they have received. Veneers are a popular way to rejuvenate a smile and boost your confidence.  Book your appointment today and get the new smile.
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Smile Design

Smile Design is a procedure meant to change the esthetic of your teeth. It is best used to make cosmetic alterations to one’s teeth in the event that normal procedures may not suffice. In some cases, teeth may have developed gray stains; which cannot be whitened. Other times teeth may have an odd shape such as a condition called “peg laterals”. For some people, their tooth enamel is just naturally yellow and wont respond to whitening.

In some instances, colorization is not the issue, but rather physical characteristics that the patient may want changed, such as gaps in between the teeth (also known as diastemas) and the patient does not want orthodontic treatment to get it fixed. Whatever your reason for wanting Smile Design treatment, we can help you attain the smile you want.

Porcelain Veneers are the most durable option and offer the best esthetic results. Impressions of the patient’s teeth are done and the the mold is sent to lab for fabrication of the veneers. A good set of veneers can last up to 15 years or more depending on care. Porcelain is resistant to staining which is an amazing benefit since most people want to avoid having to do whitening treatments. The shine of porcelain is what is most similar to enamel and therefore the ideal material for veneers.

There are times when a unique type of veneer can be done which allows for minimal reduction of tooth structure. These veneers are called Lumeneers. They are conservative porcelain veneers, which are as thin as a contact lens. The fact that the tooth barely has to be prepared makes the procedure somewhat reversible. They are meant for small imperfections and are also resistant to stains.

Composite Veneers can be done usually just one visit. On occasion, more than one visit may be required, especially for occlusal or interproximal adjustments. Composite veneers are usually done to correct minor aesthetic concerns such as a chipped tooth or a small gap. It usually requires no tooth structure reduction or anesthesia, which makes this procedure completely pain free. If any of them break, it can be repaired or replaced which is a great benefit. Composite Veneers offer a more budget-friendly approach to Smile Design treatment. If they become stained, they can be polished. Composite can also last a long time if the patient maintains a good oral hygiene regiment.


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Mint Dental has a strong record of bringing people the smiles they always wanted. Call today to see what your options are for getting the smile you always wanted. Getting the smile you want is a simple process, just call and see for yourself.

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