Teeth Whitening

Get your stunning bright smile back in no time. The professional teeth whitening system takes less time to do than a full lunch break. Call or Book your session online today.
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Get That Movie Star Smile In No Time

It is normal for teeth to change color over time.  Certain lifestyle habits affect the color of your teeth; cigarettes, coffee, and wine are some common culprits that can cause staining. Even fruits such as cranberries, blackberries and blueberries can discolor your teeth due to their strong pigments. Over the counter teeth whitening systems can help control discoloration, but sometimes they are not strong enough to restore you teeth’s natural color. Some over the counter teeth whitening kits can even damage your teeth.


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Types of Dental Whitening

A professional teeth whitening treatment from a dentist is the best and safest option. Mint Dental provides two treatment options; the in-office and the take home whitening kit. With the in-office treatment, you get results in as little as one hour. With the take home whitening kit, you receive custom-made trays, gels and instructions for you to do at home. Results may take 1 to 2 weeks. The take home option is ideal for patients who suffer from sensitive teeth. For best results, patients must adhere to the instructions.


Mint Dental Miami Believes That Great Smiles Are Worth It

Mint Dental was established by Dr. Sandra Diaz, who has earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology at Florida International University and obtained her DMD at Nova South Eastern University.

Dr. Diaz has earned a reputation for always treating her patients with the best and most accurate treatment plans available. Her extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry has been well recognized in many publishing’s and positive reviews, in the Miami area. 

Dr. Diaz and her dental staff, are bilingual as well, speaking English & Spanish. ¡Se habla Español!

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