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Tooth Extractions

Remove Damaged Teeth With Expert Care

Sometimes extracting a tooth may be the best course of action for a healthier mouth. Let Mint Dental diagnose your problem before moving straight into an extraction. There are several options that can be explored before determining if a tooth needs to be extracted. Call of book online today.
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Learn What Treatment Options Are Available

Tooth extraction is the removal of an infected or severely damaged tooth and is one of the most common surgical procedures done in dentistry. Extractions are usually the last resort when there are no other treatment alternatives that would be effective in saving the tooth. Not every dentist approaches this procedure with the utmost care provided by Mint Dental, where we disinfect the affected area before and after the procedure and apply sutures to avoid the risk of post-surgical complications.
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More about Extractions

Sometimes bone loss around a tooth is severe enough to cause a high level of mobility. If all other options have been exhausted, leaving the tooth in place can lead to a periodontal abscess or damage to adjacent teeth. Therefore, the tooth is considered hopeless and must be extracted.

When a cavity reaches below the gum line, and near the bone, it causes some bone loss in the process. This situation could compromise the crown-to-tooth ration and make for a negative prognosis for the tooth. These cases also present and instance in which the patient is presented with the option to remove the tooth. You will discuss the specifics with your dentist and together, you’ll be able to determine the best procedure for the situation.


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Mint Dental was established by Dr. Sandra Diaz, who has earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology at Florida International University and obtained her DMD at Nova South Eastern University.

Dr. Diaz has earned a reputation for always treating her patients with the best and most accurate treatment plans available. Her extensive experience in cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry has been well recognized in many publishing’s and positive reviews, in the Miami area. 

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